JumpBikes are great but your smartphone is at risk


Jump Bike

Nowhere to mount smartphone. Needs rubber mount



Are Jump Bikes coming to your town? If so, read this:

There’s a lot to love about the #JumpBike. The electric “assist” really boosts your speed. Don’t let your voyage be as pricey as my first ride: $282 USD.


Why so much? While locking up the JumpBike, i fumbled my iphone X shattering the glass. The front basket on the bike was full (laptop case took all the space) and, being a woman, my clothes don’t have pockets. ‍♀️ My iPhone is in a protective case though.

Even if it wasn’t full, the basket is not not a good place for the phone because it’s metal and makes small object like smartphones bounce around like popcorn in a hot pot. i really wish JUMP Bikes would add phone mounts on the basket of their JUMP Bikes. They do have a rubber drink holder. Why not phone mount? Even grocery stores have a phone mount on their carts!

Next time I ride, I’m bringing something to secure it to the basket. Most phone mounts wont work due to the weird shaped handles on the Jump Bikes. You’d need something like this and then a rubberband to secure it inside –> https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B071L6JCVZ/

Field Roast renders veganism pointless

Maple Leaf Farms, the largest meat distributor in Canada, acquired Field Roast corporation of Seattle for 120 MILLION dollars. Long-time customers feel that their efforts towards ethical consumption have been undermined by this merger.

Vegan and vegetarian consumers boycott companies like @MapleLeafFoods who exploit sentient creatures for money. Buying FieldRoast products will now indirectly support factory farming. Many plant-based consumers feel that this is a betrayal of  their loyalty and a betrayal to the cruelty free mission Field Roast espoused.

Anyone concerned about this type of development should contact other vegan food product companies, like Turtle Island (makers of TOFURKEY) and let them know that this type of corporate sales is unacceptable to their long-time customer base.

I formatted this tweet so that others in various vegan communication groups can copy and paste it into their own social media, e-mail or contact form: http://fieldroast.com/contact/

280 Characters (twitter’s newly expanded limit):

#vegan & #vegetarian consumers boycott companies like @MapleLeafFoods who exploit sentient creatures as a business model for profit. Buying from @FieldRoast now supports factory farming. This is betrayal. #ShameOnFieldRoast for selling out & abandoning the #animalrights objective

Writing reviews of companies often gets their attention (e.g. yelp/google). You can copy/paste this into such sites:

“Before Field Roast’s decision to accept an acquisition from Canada’s largest mean distributor and animal abuser, Maple Leaf, this would have been five star rating. Field Roast, known for cruelty free products, just made an ethically fraught corporate decision.  They’ve elected to alienate their dedicated customer base by selling off to a problematic company.”

Many consider this move by Field Roast to be disgraceful.  Why? The mission of veganism, protesting animal abuse, has been compromised by this sale.

So I ask? how is a plant-based diet helping in any meaningful way if the companies we buy from ultimately get consumed by the exact companies we’re boycotting?

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  3. http://www.mapleLeafFoods.com/
  4. http://fieldroast.com/products/field-roast/(These are the products from Field Roast many in our community will avoid going forward)

The ultimate CarPlay dash mount for your iPhone X

iPhone X’s “Face ID” allows you to use your button nose and high cheekbones to unlock your phone. The iPhone must be in the upright position though . That, alongside other complications propelled me into designing a modular mounting system for my little convertible. Here’s the details:


The beauty of the RAM mount x-grips is that the base is separate from the “neck” area which is separate from the mount. That means you can use the same x-grip on your car, bike, motorcycle and, er, hydrofoil


The ultimate CarPlay dash mount for your iPhone X

The ultimate CarPlay dash mount for your iPhone X

In the image above we see that the RAM “Flex adhesive base” is both stuck to the dashboard and also screwed in. Be sure you know what’s under the dashboard before drilling through.


The ultimate CarPlay dash mount for your iPhone X

The ultimate CarPlay dash mount for your iPhone X

Above we see the result. This mounting technique allows your to see the Apple CarPlay textual directions on the iPhone X while the Apple Maps component shows on the screen. It works nicely together.

An Aside: Apple maps is getting better. It knows where problem spots are and will route you around them., It also can do multi-hop directions. Put in your final destination then select the waypoint, be it gas station, restaurant, by using the browse feature. I’ll do another blog post about that later next week.

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