JumpBikes are great but your smartphone is at risk


Jump Bike

Nowhere to mount smartphone. Needs rubber mount



Are Jump Bikes coming to your town? If so, read this:

There’s a lot to love about the #JumpBike. The electric “assist” really boosts your speed. Don’t let your voyage be as pricey as my first ride: $282 USD.


Why so much? While locking up the JumpBike, i fumbled my iphone X shattering the glass. The front basket on the bike was full (laptop case took all the space) and, being a woman, my clothes don’t have pockets. ‍♀️ My iPhone is in a protective case though.

Even if it wasn’t full, the basket is not not a good place for the phone because it’s metal and makes small object like smartphones bounce around like popcorn in a hot pot. i really wish JUMP Bikes would add phone mounts on the basket of their JUMP Bikes. They do have a rubber drink holder. Why not phone mount? Even grocery stores have a phone mount on their carts!

Next time I ride, I’m bringing something to secure it to the basket. Most phone mounts wont work due to the weird shaped handles on the Jump Bikes. You’d need something like this and then a rubberband to secure it inside –> https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B071L6JCVZ/